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On the Issues

As an advocate and educator, Seth has seen firsthand the systemic and emergent issues facing Floridians in District 93 and statewide. He'll work across the aisle to create lasting change in these areas.

  • Democratic candidates for local elections in District 86.

    I believe in the transformative power of quality education both on an individual level and a macro-level. Devoting resources and funding to education empowers future generations in our community to achieve personal fulfillment, success, and stability.

    There are serious issues facing education today, including a lack of funding and resources for districts, schools, and teachers. While Florida receives the third-largest amount of federal K-12 education funding, the state government funds education at a lower per-capita rate. As such, Florida ranks 42nd in spending and 43rd in funding nationally. We can and must do better. I’m not only a social worker but also an educator who's committed to advocating for educators and students of all ages in District 93 and across the state.

  • Democratic candidates in Palm Beach County.
    Child Welfare

    As a social worker for over twenty years, I've seen firsthand the threats to child welfare around the state.

    As the representative for District 93, I'll advocate for reforms related to child abuse and human trafficking as Florida continues to rank 3rd in the Nation and Palm Beach County 3rd in the state for its prevalance of human trafficking.

    I will create incentives for adoption and push for modifications to the foster care system to ensure a sense of “normalcy” for Florida’s foster youth.

  • Local election volunteering Royal Palm Beach.
    Homelessness & Mental Health

    There are over 1,500 homeless individuals in Palm Beach County, 18 percent of which are homeless families. One of the many things the COVID pandemic shed light on is those who struggle with food insecurity.

    No individual––no child––should have to go to bed hungry or wonder where they will sleep from one day to the next. Many who struggle with mental health and/or homelessness must overcome various challenges to be successful in their community.

    I pledge to work with my colleagues in Florida's State House to improve accessibility to affordable housing, provide more resources for domestic and family violence victims, and improve access to healthcare. I am working towards the betterment of the entire state of Florida.

  • Democratic candidates in Palm Beach County
    Overall Infrastructure

    Crumbling infrastructure is one of the greatest threats facing Florida and the nation today. As we prepare for more extreme weather and a growing population, I want to ensure our state has a robust infrastructure to withstand the challenges of the future.

    I'm ready to work with my colleagues across the aisle to provide Florida with the resources it needs to upgrade, replace, and repair broken elements of our state's infrastructure. Working together, we can ensure that our communities have the resources they need to thrive in the future by making proactive changes today.

  • Local election volunteering in Royal Palm Beach.

    Having over two decades of experience in social work, I’m well versed on the issues facing our most vulnerable populations. My career as an advocate and educator gives me a unique foresight into the issues we’ll face in the future.

    By providing support and resources to our communities now, we can eliminate some of the most destructive issues present today. When we work to repair infrastructure, provide more affordable housing and better access to quality healthcare and make resources for all individuals more widespread, we’re preventing future crises.

    Moreover, I will make it a top priority to increase funding for programs that raise awareness related to drowning prevention and firearm safety.